You and a guest are invited to join us at Windsor Public Library for an informative workshop on Taxes In Retirement!

Discover How To Pay The Absolute Minimum In Taxes On Your Retirement Income

A free informational workshop on how to pay fewer taxes in retirement.

Taxes In Retirement Workshop @ Windsor Public Library

Monday, March 16th
6:00 PM

Thursday, March 19th
6:00 PM

Windsor Public Library
323 Broad Street

Windsor, CT 06095

This is a must attend class if you are retired or plan on retiring in the next 10 years or less. The decisions you make today will affect how you live out your retirement.

Discover the following in this comprehensive class:


Discover how to pay the absolute minimum in taxes when taking your required minimum distributions. (RMD)

Market Volatility

Get the play by play on new strategies few people are using to avoid the Wall Street roller coaster, but still grow their money.

Social Security

Did you know that up to 85% of your Social Security benefits can be taxable? Increase your cash flow with effective filing strategies.


Retirement accounts have rules that, if broken, can carry stiff penalties and tax consequences. We’ll explain them in detail.

Income Distribution

Knowing when and how to withdraw from the right accounts will keep you out of the strike zone later in your retirement!

Avoiding Mistakes

Making a mistake with your retirement income plan could cost you thousands. Learn how to avoid the most common errors.

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Why we created this class:

This educational course was developed for adults ages 55-75 with at least $250,000 of investible assets. There is no cost or obligation, but seating is limited so reserve your spot today.

If you're like most hardworking Americans, you don't want to work forever, and retirement is something you're looking forward to enjoying. Chances are you've seen the market go up and down over your career and you're looking for ways to secure a paycheck that will last a lifetime.

We host these classes to help educate those who are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel so they can have the confidence to retire when they want without the fear of running out of money.